Friday, June 26, 2015

Everything Burns

Scripture tells us to store our treasure in heaven, that everything tangible is only temporary and will eventually burn away.  But it also tells us that God will meet our needs on this earth.  So, we live in a constant tension between the temporal and eternal.

It’s hard to remember to live life in the light of eternity.  It’s hard to remember that this building isn’t Joel’s Place, but the kids, and staff and relationships are.  That to invest in these kids, in their hearts and hopes, is to invest in eternity. But we also have to feed them, and help them and keep them safe.
Or rather, God does.  

He has promised us what we need.  But how does He deliver?  Through people.                                    We saw this last week when a bread truck overturned, and we received a  LITERAL CARLOAD of free bagels, buns, rolls and Dave’s Killer Bread! We probably won’t have to buy bread for the entire summer! Which is a pretty big deal, considering we’re feeding about 100 kids a day.
  We are so thankful for the folks that thought of us when they heard about the bread.  And we are so thankful for  being part of such a generous community that gives to us, to the food bank, and all the places that keep hungry tummies filled.

More than anything, we are thankful for the reminder that God is faithful.  
He will take care of the bread, and the fire, and the smoke and the rain. We will keep caring for these kids, and he will bring the people and resources to help us do that.

Ash, after leaving my window open Wednesday night.