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Special Thanks: Wal-Mart. The local grocery store continues to give us dozens of boxes of food each week. Some goes to feeding our kids. Some we share with those who are feeding kids on the street. Some we are storing for our Bone Builders Backpacks summer program. Thank you Wal-Mart!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Daily Bread part 3

     My job is weird.  I mean really, really strange.  One of my primary duties is writing grants and raising funds to pay our staff.  However there are some times when no amount of good strategy or good follow-up or moving testimonies or amazing statistics helps.  Sometimes the money just does not come in.  Tuesday was one of those days.

     I went to bed on Monday night knowing that we needed $2975 in order to finish paying our staff and we had $307.  I was out of calls to make or grants to write or favors to call in...so I prayed.  It was not an especially original prayer.  It was not a weeping and pounding on the floor prayer.  I prayed the Lord's Prayer and repeated the "Give us this day our daily bread," line many times.  I woke up on Tuesday and prayed that God would give us enough to meet our obligations for that day.  "Daily Bread" just kept rattling around in my head all day.  I stopped by the post office and found 3 unexpected checks waiting for us that equaled $1350.  Arlys and I looked through our account thoroughly and found another $317 that was available.  That brought us to $1974...about $1,000 short. Well maybe one of our senior staff didn't need to get paid today.  God says that He will provide, but He does not promise to do it on the 1st and 15th of every month.  The duties of the day rolled over me and swept me away from thinking about payroll until 4:30pm.  I was serving dinner at the Boys and Girls Club and had a donor pop into my mind.  I shot them a text asking if they would be able to give that month.  I didn't offer a number or reason.  I just asked.  They texted back saying there was a check waiting for me.

     I won't say that I broke every speed limit law in order to get there before 5...but I got there before 5 and picked up the check...for $1,000.  Along with the concessions sales that we made that day, we were able to meet our payroll for that day...with $28 left over...to build for next payroll.

     Some people will read that story and feel their entire body tense up.  It feels out of control and incredibly risky.  As for myself, I would not say that I was the easiest person to get along with on Tuesday.  However, I am learning to trust that God will actually provide for us.  I am learning that my best efforts are not the only hope for Joel's Place.  I continue to learn that it is He who hold this place in His hands, keeps it open and blesses the kids.  I have been gifted a special seat where I can watch it all unfold and laugh in wonder at the joyful absurdity of it all.

     "Daily Bread."  What do we need God to give us today?