Special Thanks to:

Special Thanks: Dan Cook and the guys and gals over at GripAll. GripAll is teaming up with Joel's Place to create a snowskating park here at 1890 Marika! They hosted a great Snowskate Rally this past week and the youth are incredibly excited about a new action sport to pursue in the winter.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Quite a busy Spring

     Whoops.  Missed a week there.  Reason number 45 that Kelli should not be allowed to take vacation time:  it cuts into my writing time.  Kelli Boyle, our Program Director, was out of town last week leaving me to run the building.  Good news:  I did not burn the place down.  Bad news:  I did not get much else done from my list.  As for the list...it is growing.  This spring looks like it will be quite busy for me personally and for all of us at Joel's Place, culminating in a really exciting announcement in a couple of weeks. 

     You may be asking yourself, "So what's going on that makes you so busy?"  So glad you asked. 
  • Today I am headed out to Eielson AFB to lead a couple of seminars for the High School Leadership conference that they are hosting.  My topic will be "Strategy, Storytelling and Servant Leadership."  I am really excited to get the opportunity to interact with these young people and try to impart some lessons that I have learned over a couple decades of leading small groups.
  • April 19th is Dark Winter Nights, a storytelling event put together by a FOJP (Friend Of Joel's Place), Rob Prince.  Rob is gathering a handful of individuals to tell stories of life in Alaska on the night before Easter.  It should be a great time and I get to tell a story so epic...and so hilarious...that I don't dare write about it here for fear of never getting back to my main point.  For more info, you can visit this link.
  • Book Events!  I have already sold over 110 copies of my book, "The Seer."  It becomes available for purchase nationwide on April 29th!  You can already pre-order at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  In May I get to visit Fairhill Christian School, North Pole Worship Center, and First Presbyterian Church to talk about both Joel's Place and the book.  We will also have a book fair at Barnes and Noble on the 17th of May where I will be signing books and Joel's Place will get a portion of the profits from all of B&N's sales that day.  Keep an eye out for more details on that.
  • May 23rd is the end of school for the year and this summer we will....sorry.  No spoilers yet.  We'll talk again soon about the super cool things we have going on this summer.  

Thank you to everyone for your continued encouragement and support.  We are blessed to be serving meals, putting on concerts and hosting extreme riding with such  partners.  Blessings upon you all.